Custom Path In Lightning

Custom Path In Lightning

Path is very cool feature of salesforce when user needs to change picklist values of a record very often like changing status of Lead,Cases.It speeds up the productivity.
But that “cool” feature becomes pain in the ass when you have too many values in your picklist which you are using for path.I had the same problem that picklist values are too many to see whole text of particular picklist value.(See Image)


For this problem I tried to create a custom lightning component and it worked but when I used to change the path status then it gets updated in database but record page still shows the old value bacause it was not refreshed.

Then “Lightning data service” came into my life and everything changed.Now I don’t have to worry about page reload to see updated data in current record page.Yes,Now this is actually a COOL feature.

Here is a github url for code reference :Custom Lighting Path

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